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Unique Holiday Gifts

Unique holiday gifts

Have you been traumatized by an old aunt who gives you sweaters for Christmas every year? If you don't want to repeat the cycle of bad gifts, consider some of the following unique holiday gifts.

The gifts that keep on giving

One great holiday gift that keeps the holidays going all year long is a month-by-month club. Many different companies will send the gift recipient something new every month for up to 12 months. You can sign the person up for a wine a month club or a beer a month club. This will ensure that they get to try a new beer or wine every single month. These unique holiday gifts usually focus on a region or type of beer or wine. For example, you might sign them up for a California based wine a month club so they get California wines every single month.

You can also sign them up for a book club. These clubs are usually featured around a certain kind of book. For example, a club might be a romance novel or mystery novel club. If you do this, make sure you get a type of book that the person likes. The club will automatically send them these unique holiday gifts every month. People really look forward to getting these treats in the mail, especially in April when nothing's going on!

Music clubs are also popular though they can have strings attached. Some of them require you to buy a certain amount of CDs each month. This is fine for the 12 months you're paying for, but can be kind of a buzz kill when the 12 months is up and the person has to take over the cost. You want to make sure that if you use these unique holiday gifts, you do it in such a way that the person doesn't have to pay for anything down the road.

For the kids

Some kids might like the book a month club, but they're probably not going to get into the wine or beer a month club. But don't worry, there are plenty of unique holiday gifts for kids. One gift that younger children really seem to enjoy are made to order bears. Give the kids a gift certificate to a made to order bear shop. These shops let the kids pick the body of a bear. Then they get to stuff the bear themselves and dress the bear in whatever they want. Kids love being able to create their own stuffed toys!

Another idea is letting the kids buy a star. Yes, you can really buy a star. You just need to get on-line and buy the rights to one of the many stars in our galaxy. These sites allow you to name the star. Kids love these unique holiday gifts because they can honestly tell their friends that the have a star named after them!

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