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Unique Teacher Gifts

Unique teacher gifts are a great way to show your appreciation to your child’s teacher. After all, your kids’ teachers spend almost as much time with them as you do during the school year and they do deserve to be recognized. Try to think up practical ideas with a bit of flair to give the teacher in mind a wonderful gift they will use and appreciate for a long time to come.

An apple for the teacher was the standard teacher gift for years. Now teacher gifts often follow an apple theme. If your teacher’s classroom decorating style is in keeping with the apple theme, you can find a variety of items which follow it. Consider building a gift basket for the teacher with apple items included. You can find pens and pencils stamped with apple designs. There are also items like adhesive notes and note pads with the apple theme as well. To take that type of gift basket one step further, consider having the items monogrammed or personalized with the teacher’s name on the items.

Gift baskets are a great gift idea for unique teacher gifts as they can be stuffed with any number of gift items. Mornings can be rough, so figure out if your child’s teacher enjoys hot beverages and which ones. You can include a mug (which you could have personalized) and a bag of coffee or teas in various flavors. Flavored sugars would also be wonderful for a unique touch. These can be homemade or purchased for a very reasonable price. There are also honey straws, which are flavored honeys in plastic tubes. They add interesting flavors to warm drinks when the end of the tube is snipped off and stirred into the mug. If the teacher does not drink coffee or tea, you can also use hot cider mixes. If you use ciders, add spices which lend their essence to ciders such as anise and cinnamon.

Another great unique teacher gift is an all-inclusive supply basket for the classroom. Teachers are always in need of classroom supplies for their own use or for the kids in their classes. Building a basket to meet those needs is a wonderful gesture. You will want to add plenty of pencils and pens, adhesive notes, a couple of types of tape, note pads, crayons, markers, highlighter markers, paints, glue, glue sticks and stickers. To add an item that will help the teacher and her classroom children for years is to include a set of scissors. They can be found in a special holder to keep them in good order and will be used over and over again.

Teachers appreciate every gesture of thanks given them. When you are giving a gift to the teacher in your life, incorporate their personality and classroom style and they will be sure to love what you select for them. It is always wonderful to give unique teacher gifts.

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