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Unusual Gift Ideas

Unusual Gift Ideas

Ever have to get a gift for someone who seems to have everything? Then you need to look at unique gift ideas because no one has everything!

Unique gifts for the techie

Unusual gift ideas come in all shapes and sizes. One type of unusual gift ideas that tends to wow gift recipients are unique technical gifts. We all know how to use a computer and a cell phone because practically everyone has one. But, do you know how to use a StressEraser? Have you ever even heard of one? The StressEraser is a small computer-like device that's a little bigger than the ball of your hand. You stick your finger in the side of the StressEraser and a breathing pattern appears on the top of the screen. The machine then slows down the breathing pattern. The person following the advice of the StressEraser is supposed to follow suit. After 15 minutes, your breathing should be calmed and your stress diminished!

Headlight slippers are one of many unusual gift ideas that you can give your techie friend or family member. These slippers have headlights on the front so you can see where you're walking in the dark. Other unusual gifts for techies include pen scanners and digital picture frames. These frames actually change pictures as they sit on your table. Pretty cool!

Unique gifts for kids

Kids love getting unusual gift ideas because they like to impress their friends with something new and exciting. Napoleon Dynamite is a huge hit with pre teens and teenagers, so look for a talking Napoleon Dynamite doll that says all of the whacky phrases from the movie. A nose shaped pencil sharpener, monkey slingshot, lunch lady action figure and tattoo tape will surely impress the kid's friends. You should probably ask for parental consent before getting kids slingshots or potato guns. These toys can hurt other kids and many parents don't like their kids to have anything that resembles a weapon.

Talking alarm clocks or alarm clocks that make crazy noises or look funny are great unusual gift ideas for older kids. You can find alarm clocks that cluck like a chicken, sing and dance like the California Raisins of yesteryear, or wake up the entire house because they sound like a fire alarm.

Where do I find unique gifts?

You can find unique gifts at a party warehouse, party superstore, or the Internet. Party warehouses usually have fun costumes and gag gifts. The Internet has all kinds of Web sites that have unusual gifts. The unusual tech gifts can be found on manufacturer's Web sites or by doing a general search on the Internet. Before you buy your unusual gift ideas, make sure that the gift is age appropriate because some unique gifts can be a little raunchy.

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