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35th wedding anniversary

A 35th wedding anniversary is such a joy to celebrate; in today's world, how often is it that you find two people that have been together for almost four decades? It is a rare occasion and should be celebrated extravagantly. But after 35 years together, chances are the couple you're shopping for has everything they could every possibly need, at least for their household. A 35th wedding anniversary can pose a shopping challenge. Tradition states that the 35th wedding anniversary calls for coral while the modern gift list calls for jade. If you want to purchase a gift for the anniversary according to one of these lists, assess your spouses tastes first. Think about jewelry or sculptures and start with Asian shops as their artists tend to be partial to jade. If you decide to purchase jade jewelry, be sure to shop around. Jade comes in a variety of shades and qualities. If you are buying for your husband try an interpretation of jade and purchase a jade tree; have it planted in a beautiful pot for his office. If you choose coral as the gift for the 35th wedding anniversary, you may need to shop at museums or through their catalogs, mineral shops and jewelry stores. If you want a fun gift that includes coral, try a fish bowl filled with coral colored stones and a beta or gold fish. If the person you are buying for enjoys pottery, try a coral colored dish or a plate with the design of coral on it. Another great idea for the 35th wedding anniversary is a trip or a weekend away. After 35 years together, the couple has probably bought and sold a house, if not two or three. They have most likely raised a child, or several. A weekend away is well deserved and will be a blissful experience; to leave the stresses of day to day responsibilities, even just for a weekend, can be such a blessing. If celebrating the 35th wedding anniversary in the winter, consider somewhere warm like the Carribean or the Virgin Islands; if celebrating during the warmer months, go somewhere with a cooler climate such as Montreal or Vancouver. If you are simply looking for a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated regardless of the recipients taste, try one of our gift baskets. Gift Baskets Remembered offers a wide range of baskets that offer an easy way to say congratulations with class. Our Black Velvet Cake, One Dozen Wedding Berries or the One Dozen "Congratulations" Gift Box are all great ideas and are delivered in a beautiful display. No matter what you choose, the thought that goes into the gift will mean a great deal to the lucky recipient. Have fun shopping for the perfect 35th wedding anniversary gift to show them how much you admire them.

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