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Wedding Attendant Gifts

Wedding attendant gifts

The reason you pass out wedding attendant gifts is to thank the people in your wedding for standing up for you.

For the girls

Wedding attendant gifts need to be purchased for the girls and the guys that stand up in your wedding. So, let's start with the ladies. Most women have at least one other woman stand up for her in her wedding. If you only have one woman standing up in your wedding (as you maid of honor) you can get her a larger wedding attendant gift. You might want to set your budget at $50-$100. A nice piece of jewelry is a great gift for your one bridesmaid.

Though some women only have one bridesmaid in their wedding, most people have more than one woman stand up in their wedding. Usually your price range goes down when you have more people in your wedding. Good gifts for large groups of female attendants include personalized compacts, earrings that match their dresses, small purses, personalized slippers and personal mirrors. Gift certificate to spas and complimentary pedicures and manicures are also nice wedding attendant gifts for the ladies.

For the guys

For the guys, consider getting monographed flasks or cuff links. If your guys aren't the cigar smoking type, get them some beer mugs that have their favorite college's emblem on the cup. Get them each a nice steel cooler and place this glassware and some specialty beer in the cooler.

Not everyone drinks beer, so you'll probably need some other wedding attendant gifts for the boys. Consider getting them a fully loaded pocketknife. You can find pocket knifes that have all of the essential functions plus a flashlight and bottle opener. You can also get a really simple knife that fits on their key chain so they can use it whenever they need to.

Passing out the wedding attendant gifts

Traditionally the bride and groom pass out their respective wedding attendant gifts on the evening of the rehearsal dinner. They usually give a little speech about their friends and pass out the gifts one by one. If you have a small wedding party, share a little anecdote about each friend before you hand out the gift. If you give out your wedding attendant gifts in front of other people, make sure that they're all similar. You'll make your wedding attendants feel bad if you give one a ruby ring and the other a small jewelry box.

Not everyone likes giving or receiving gifts in front of others. If this is you, take a moment in the days leading up to the wedding and sit down with each of the people in your wedding. Thank them for sharing the day with you and then give them their wedding attendant gifts.

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