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Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

Finding perfect wedding gifts doesn't have to be a difficult task. Actually, it can be quite easy because more and more couples are using Internet registries to help guests find their gifts.

Let the Internet be your guide

Thanks to the Internet, getting wedding gifts has become much easier than it used to be. Most couples set up at least one gift registry through some on-line site. You'll know if the couple has registered for wedding gifts when you receive their invitation. The invitation or the save the date will have a small card that looks like a business card telling you where the couple is registered. To find the couple's gifts, you just go to the Web site, click on "gift registries" and enter on of the couple's names. Then you click on one of their gifts and pay for the gift! It's really easy.

Couples generally put their address on the site so their wedding gifts go straight to their home. However, if you'd prefer to bring the gift to them, have the gift sent to your house. You can usually choose if you'd like the gift wrapped in regular paper or wedding themed paper. Popular wedding registry Web sites include Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Home Depot and Kohl's.


If you're not into the whole gift registry thing, consider getting the happy couple a keepsake. Get them a nice picture frame or photo album for one of their many wedding pictures. Take the frame or the album to a store that does engravings and have the couple's name and wedding date embedded in the piece. Keepsakes are great wedding gifts that will always remind the couple of their magical day.

Off the beaten path

Don't feel like getting the newly weds a boring piece of kitchenware or bathroom towels? Great! Think outside of the box and get them wedding gifts that are unique to the couple. A couple that likes to travel might love a bed and breakfast gift certificate. You can either give them a gift certificate to a specific bed and breakfast or give them a certificate to Then the couple can choose from thousands of different bed and breakfasts.

If you know the couple really well, get them wedding gifts that fit in with their lifestyle. You could get a couple that likes to camp a new tent or you could get a couple that loves music tickets to one of their favorite bands.

If you're married, brainstorm some wedding gifts that you really appreciated or would have liked when you first got married. These types of wedding gifts usually end up being practical and are much appreciated.

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