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Cool Wedding Gifts

Weddings are truly special occasions. Most couples register for gifts that they may need to start their new lives together. Many of these couples will probably only include necessities and home decor items. Purchasing a gift from a registry will provide something needed but doesn't take much thought and creativity. If you want to make a new couple feel truly special, give them a cool and unique wedding gift.

Create a gift basket for the special couple. To make a romantic gift basket, add items such as bottles of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, gourmet chocolates from Godiva or Ghiradelli, box of rose petals, and personalized wine glasses. Create a spa gift basket filled with items that will help them relax after their big day. Fill a basket with a monogrammed set of towels, aromatherapy candles, bath soaps, bubble bath, a bath pillow, and lotions. A kitchen gift basket can be filled with useful items. Fill a basket with a bottle of dish soap, pot holders, kitchen towels, cookbooks, spatulas, large spoons, cookie cutters, spices, and any other small kitchen gadgets and tools. Many of these items can also be chosen from their registry. Pack all the gifts in an extra-large storage bowl or mixing bowl.

Personalized gift items are very unique and will let the happy couple know that you put extra thought into their gift. There are many items that can be personalized. Provide the couple with a personalized signature platter or picture frame. Their guests can sign the plate or matting in the frame and create a lasting memory of their big day. Personalize ornaments with the couple's name and wedding date. They are sure to think of their big day and you every time they hang their ornament during the holiday.

There are other unique and cool wedding gifts that the happy couple will appreciate. Plant a tree in the couple's name. Name a start after them and present them with a framed certificate. Donate money to their favorite charity in their name. Adopt an endangered animal such as a reindeer or whale in the couple's names. The environmental loving couple will surely love any of these cool gifts.

A newlywed couple is sure to appreciate any gift they receive. Show them how special they are with a gift that takes thought, creativity, and planning. You are not only giving them a special gift but creating memories.

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