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Gift Basket Corporate Gourmet

There is no better corporate gift than a gourmet gift basket. Give a gourmet gift basket to a co-worker or employee as a thank you for a job well done or to congratulate someone on a promotion. Gourmet gift baskets are also appropriate to give to contractors or other companies to thank them for their support. The gift giving occasions are endless for gourmet gift baskets as well as what comprises them. Here are some ideas to create the perfect gourmet gift basket.

Wine gift baskets are appropriate for any occasion. Choose a couple bottles of wine. If you know the recipient's favorites then include them. If not, choose two different aromas such as a chardonnay and a cabernet or a white zinfandel and a merlot. Including more than one option will ensure that you satisfy any taste. Add a variety of gourmet foods to your basket. Salami, herb and cheese spread, pate, and rye crisps complement any flavor of wine. Or for a sweeter touch, add an abundance of gourmet chocolates such as truffles and wafers from Godiva or Ghirardelli. Be sure to add a gift such as a wine bottle opener or spreaders to your basket for a more personal touch.

Start anyone's day right with a breakfast gift basket. Fill a basket with bagels and a selection a cream cheeses, herb spreads, lox, and salmon spreads. Add a set of spreaders and a bagel slicer to complete the basket. You can also create a basket with favorite coffees and teas. Choose a variety of flavors of coffee beans and tea bags. Add gifts such as a coffee grinder, personalized mugs, or mugs with the company logo. Finish the basket by adding an assortment of goodies such as chocolate dipped stirrers, flavored creamers, biscotti, and scones.

There are many other gourmet gift basket ideas that are appropriate for the corporate client. Use an Italian theme and fill a basket with pastas, sauces, bruschetta, olives, and spices. A sweet-tooth gift basket can include gourmet cookies, chocolates, toffee, caramel popcorn, truffles, and chocolate-covered nuts. Create a Tex-Mex themed gift basket by filling a basket with a variety of tortilla chips, salsas, margarita mix, and peppers. Provide for an entire office with a snack gift basket. Fill your basket with chips, cookies, candies, sodas, crackers, and dips. This one is sure to meet everyone's tastes.

Whether you need a gift for a boss, secretary, or co-worker or need to say thank you to a valued client, a gourmet foods gift basket is a tasteful and elegant choice. Add personalized gifts to your basket and you will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

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