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Unique Father's Day Gifts

Fathers are very important people. We would like to do nothing more than to make them feel special everyday. Words and actions can achieve that on a daily basis. But on Father's Day, make them feel extraordinary with unique gifts chosen especially for them. These unique gift ideas are sure to make this Father's Day a memorable occasion.

Send your dad on an unforgettable adventure. If your dad is interested in flying, there are many aerial adventures to send him on. Helicopter and airplane tours are available in most major cities. Choose helicopter or airplane lessons. Your dad can even be a fighter pilot for the day. Skydiving lessons are also adventurous. Most students can take their first tandem jump within their first day. If your dad prefers to keep his feet on the ground, other outdoor adventures include kayaking, white water rafting, and trail riding in off-highway vehicles are available. Your dad can also learn to drive off-road vehicles from Land Rover or Jeep on some of the world's most rugged mountain trails. Scuba diving and rock climbing lessons are also an option for the adventurous father.

Gift baskets are great gift ideas. Fill a gift basket with gourmet foods and a bottle of wine. Include gifts such as an easy pull wine opener and a set of spreaders. If your dad is a movie fan, fill a basket with a few of his favorite movies or a gift card to a movie rental store and favorite movie snacks such as popcorn, peanuts, a nacho kit, and candy. Use a personalized popcorn bowl to pack your items in for a special touch. If your dad is a golfer, fill a basket with monogrammed golf club covers, golf balls, golf tees, a new golf glove, and a USGA rule book. You can even add a gift certificate to his favorite golf course for a round of golf. If your dad is a gardener, fill a basket with garden hand tools, a kneeling pad, a book on gardening or flowers, different packets of seeds, and garden markers. Use a personalized flower pot to pack your items in.

For a special touch, choose personalized items. Give your dad a set of monogrammed bar glasses with a bar server set and bartender's handbook. A personalized money clip and new leather wallet are classic gifts. Other items that can be personalized are pen and pencil sets, picture frames, and jewelry.

Father's Day is a perfect time to let your father know how special he is. Any gift that requires planning, thought, and creativity is sure to show your dad he is worth it. Add personal touches to your gift and you will create a memorable occasion.

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