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Unique Gift

The elusive unique gift, we have all tried to find it at one time or another. It is a hit or miss proposition. Where do we start? How unique is enough, but not too much? No one wants to go from unique to down right odd. The goal is to give the recipient something they haven’t already gotten a dozen times before; maybe even something they themselves never even knew they wanted or would enjoy. It can be a complicated undertaking, but one that can pay off with an ecstatic and extremely surprised recipient.

Unique gifts celebrate who a person is and what they enjoy. You need to focus on their personality and concentrate on what makes them an individual. It may be difficult to find a unique gift for someone you don’t know well. You may get lucky and find something suitable, but unique gift searching is much easier when you are close to the receiver. Jot down a list of things that come to mind when you think of this person. Include their likes and hobbies. Your next step is to set a budget. Too many people leave the house thinking that they will just find the perfect item, but don’t set a budget. This can throw you into a bad situation down the road. Yes, we all want our family member, friend, or special someone to enjoy the gift we have chosen, but we cannot allow ourselves to suffer financially for it. Setting a budget helps you to narrow down your choices and be a bit practical. A range is acceptable; just make sure it is realistic and doable.

There are plenty of great websites online that offer unique gift ideas. Some more popular ideas for unique gifts are personalized. One of the more common, yet unique gifts seen online involve taking a photograph that had meaning to the recipient and having any number of things done with it. It can be turned into an etched light, blanket, pillow, granite wall hanging, etc. It can also be altered to fit an artistic style, pop art, impressionist, Picasso, charcoal, etc. These gifts are meaningful and can be kept and past down among the family.

Another great idea for a unique gift, that can break the budget if you aren’t careful, is an experience gift. These may not be something tangible, but they offer the recipient a chance to do something they may never get to do otherwise. is a wonderful site that offers anything you could imagine in the way of experience gifts. Included on their menu are hot air balloon rides, NASCAR racing school, flying trapeze, skydiving, helicopter rides, romantic dinner cruise, spa indulgence, makeovers, fly fishing, America’s Cup sailing, surfing, one-on-one basketball with a NBA player or even have a song written just for you! The list is endless. This site lets you search by location or type of experience. You can book the entire experience online through their website. They also work with in case your experience needs to include music, theater or sport.

If you are still having trouble, try This is an excellent site that walks you through a mini-quiz to help you find a suitable gift. It makes it as easy as possible and is almost foolproof.

Remain calm, organized and sane and you should have no trouble finding a great unique gift that will fit your recipient perfectly.

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