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Gift Ideas

Finding the right gift idea can be a stressful and daunting task. There are so many occasions that may call for a gift. How do you choose? The first step to finding the right gift is to set a budget. Do not go out waiting to see something you just have to have; doing this could put your wallet in a bind. Deciding how much you are going to spend and sticking to it will not only keep you on track monetarily, but it will help narrow down the field of choices.

The next step is to take some time to think about the recipient and the occasion. The more thought and time you put in to the gift, the more it will be appreciated; even if it isn’t very expensive. It is important to give a gift that the recipient will enjoy. Do not base your decision on what you would want or what you would enjoy. Doing this could put you in a real spot and make you look selfish in the end. For example, don’t buy your girlfriend tickets a concert with your favorite band. You may think this is ok, she will enjoy the concert and time with you, but subjecting her to a band that you like instead of one that she does makes you appear selfish and self-centered. This is a gift for her. If you have to get tickets to the opera (because she loves it) and sit through it in agony (because you don’t) that will prove to her how much you were willing to do to give her a gift she enjoys. Sit down and make a list of things that come to mind when you think of the recipient. Even if it is only someone you know slightly; something must come to mind. Focus on what you know for sure.

OK, now you have set a budget, decided not to be selfish and made a list of things that may help you choose a gift. You are well on your way to finding the perfect gift. It is now time to shop. You can do this either online or in person. There are lots of great online sites that can help you come up with ideas. You may want to go out and look around also. This will let you see things up close and really see what you are getting.

You don’t have to break the mold or top the last gift, but try to stay away from anything sweet or fitness focused for women. Even your beloved grandmother may think you are trying to make her fat with a box of chocolates. If you really want to go this route, pair it with something else that may offset the sweetness; for example flowers, balloons, a frame, a scarf, etc.

As I said before, there are great sites online that can give you ideas even if you don’t buy from them. Here are a few that are a bit creative and offer personal help:

* - This site offers a wide range of last minute ideas in conjunction with their travel site.

* - This site walks you through a short quiz to help narrow down ideas, very helpful.


Whatever your budget or occasion you can help eliminate a lot of the stress associated with gift giving by planning. Take the time to make a budget and make a list of ideas. Shopping with these tools becomes much easier and well worth it for you and the recipient.

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