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50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Finding the perfect 50th wedding anniversary invitations will jumpstart the beginning of a wonderful anniversary celebration!

Finding the perfect invitations

A person's 50th wedding anniversary is nothing to scoff at! It's a huge deal, especially with the high incidences of divorce in our society. Just like milestone birthday's, huge anniversaries such as your 50th, need to be celebrated with a huge bash! No one will know about your 50th anniversary party unless you send out 50th wedding anniversary invitations.

So where do you find these 50th wedding anniversary invitations? You can find them anywhere, really. All you have to do is get on-line, type in "wedding anniversary invitations" and you'll find hundreds of different designs. The hard part about 50th wedding anniversary invitations isn't finding invitations, it's choosing between all of the invitations. If you have no idea where to start, set a budget. A budget will really limit your options. Then, think about the type of invitations you like. Are you and your spouse minimalists? Would you prefer a simple design to a design that's busy and full of activity? Do you like hearts? Wedding rings? Do you think that any kind of traditional wedding decoration is cheesy? Asking yourself these questions will really limit your search.

If you're really stuck and simply have no idea where to start, consider getting traditional 50th wedding anniversary invitations. Tradition says that your 50th wedding anniversary is your golden wedding anniversary. So, stick with a "golden" theme. A classy golden theme would include nice off white invitations with a gold embroidered border. If you're a fun loving couple with a good sense of humor, you could interpret the "golden" theme to mean old and get some funny invitations that show your age. You might choose to get black invitations, which are similar in style to the kind of invitations people get when celebrating their 50th birthday and put a little dark, humorous twist on the affair.

What to do once you've gotten the invitations

Once you've gotten your 50th wedding anniversary invitations, you need to send them out. Make a list of your closest friends, family members and anyone else you would like to share your special day with and get them the invitations as soon as possible. You need to include the time of the party, the date, the place and, if it's at a location that others won't be familiar with, a map. You should also ask the guests to RSVP. This will help determine how many place settings and dinner settings you'll need for the party.

Keep in mind that allowing yourself plenty of planning time will increase the chances of all your guests coming to the party. After all, what's the point of sending out 50th wedding anniversary invitations if you're guests can't make it?

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