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5th Anniversary Gifts

5th Anniversary Gifts

5th anniversary gifts are often made from materials on the lists of the traditional or contemporary annual anniversary gifts. Traditional 5th anniversary gifts are made from wood, while contemporary 5th anniversary gifts are silverware. If you choose to use either of these as a focus for your 5th anniversary gifts, there are many different ways to interpret these materials.

Wood can be used in so many different ways that there is almost an endless array of possibilities for 5th anniversary gifts. Some popular selections for women can include jewelry boxes, hope chests, or other furniture items. The gift can be expanded by adding something to the wood gift, such as a beautiful pair of earrings in the jewelry box or a luxurious blanket in the hope chest. For men, a wood humidor with a few of his favorite cigars or a classic valet box make terrific 5th anniversary gifts.

For a more symbolic twist on traditional 5th anniversary gifts, consider selecting a tree. If you plan to stay in your current home for a long time, you may wish to plant a seedling in honor of your anniversary and watch it grow through the years. If you are not certain you will be remaining in your current home, you can always opt for something more portable, such as a bonsai tree. Other symbolic yet traditional 5th anniversary gifts can include a wooden clock, to mark the passage of your time together, or wooden picture frames to display pictures of the two of you together. A frugal yet very romantic 5th anniversary gift can be a roaring fire, in your own fireplace or at a lovely outdoor spot, made from fire wood, of course!

Contemporary 5th anniversary gifts center around silverware. This need not be limited to simply common flatware. Consider fun silverware items like a beautiful wick trimmer and candle snuffer or a silver corkscrew. You can easily continue the theme with these 5th anniversary gifts by including some wonderful scented candles or a bottle of wine.

Of course, flowers and a romantic dinner out are also terrific 5th anniversary gifts. If you are looking for a more lasting tribute of your love, consider starting with either a traditional or contemporary gift idea and personalizing it for your spouse. The thought and planning you put into 5th anniversary gifts will no doubt be remembered long into your many years together.

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