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Anniversary Gift

Anniversary Gift

An anniversary gift is a nice way to tell the person you love that you still love and appreciate them.

Do I have to give an anniversary gift?

Of course not! But, before you make that decision, ask yourself how your spouse will react when he or she doesn't get a gift. Some couples have absolutely no interest in getting each other anniversary gifts, which is fine. However, before you determine that you're one of those couples, ask your spouse if he or she agrees. Women can be especially sensitive if they don't get an anniversary gift.

The best way to make sure you're on the same anniversary gift page as your spouse is to ask your spouse about a month before the anniversary if you're going to exchange gifts. Make sure this conversation is clearly communicated. It's always awkward when one person gets a gift and the other doesn't.

Individual gifts

Tradition says that every anniversary has a special anniversary gift. On your first wedding anniversary, for example, you're supposed to get your spouse some kind of paper product. On your 10th anniversary, you're supposed to get your spouse a diamond. Not many people follow these traditional gifts, although you can if you want to.

For the more modern couple, anniversary gifts include electronics, appliances, hobby accessories, CDs, jewelry and weekend getaways. If you want to get sentimental, you can pick up a personalized anniversary gift. Buy a memory book or scrap book from your local bookstore and put together a page or two of memories. Or, have a calligrapher write out your vows, frame them and put them up in your house.

Women often complain about finding an anniversary gift for their husband. However, there are lots of thoughtful anniversary gifts for men. Most men aren't jewelry guys, but they will wear a watch. You can find sports watches or nice professional watches on-line or at your local mall. Take inventory of your spouse's hobbies. If he like sports, get him a piece of sporting equipment, find a sports collectable or get him tickets to a basketball game. Buy the music enthusiast a greatest hits CD, get him tickets to a concert or buy him some new picks for his guitar.

Gifts for the couple

Many couples will give a mutual anniversary gift to themselves. They'll buy something that's really expensive such as a flat screen TV, couch, appliance or car instead of getting individual gifts. A mutual gift should be something that you'll both enjoy and it should be agreed upon. To make the gift a little more romantic, plan on picking out the gift on your anniversary and then going to dinner afterwards. You might not get to enjoy your anniversary gift right away, but you'll be able to spend some time together and that's what anniversaries are all about.

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