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Anniversary ideas

Anniversary gift ideas

Every married couple knows how difficult marriage can be, which is why it's so important to celebrate wedding anniversaries. Wedding anniversary gift ideas can be as basic as a nice card or as expensive as a diamond band.

The first few years

During the first few years of marriage wedding anniversary gift ideas tend to be a little less pricey. Getting married and starting a new life is expensive and time consuming, which means that big gifts get put on hold for a couple of years. On your first wedding anniversary, consider going on a weekend getaway to "relive" your honeymoon. Ask friends and family members who have second homes or cottages if you can use the facility for a nice weekend. This will keep your costs down. If you don't have family members that have access to weekend getaways, look for discount deals at bed and breakfasts. Look for places that are less than four hours away. Longer trips will result in you spending the majority of your weekend in the car.

Newly weds (those who haven't been married longer than five years) might want to consider anniversary gift ideas that are mutually beneficial. For example, if the couple's just purchased a house, it might be nice to get a couch or another piece of furniture rather than getting each other individual gifts. If you want to go the individual route, look at personalized picture frames, personalized stationary or photo albums.

The golden years

Congratulations! You've been married long enough that you can start spending lots of bucks on anniversary gift ideas! After you've been married for about 10 years, you can start buying each other jewelry, furs or other expensive gifts. Of course you don't want to do this if you can't afford it or if your spouse doesn't wear jewelry. However, tradition holds that at the 10-year mark, a piece of diamond jewelry is in order.

Women seem to love diamonds, but what about men? Ladies, if you want to get your husband something really nice on your 10-year anniversary, think golf clubs, a tool set or some kind of techie gadget. These anniversary gift ideas can be researched and purchased on-line or found at local stores. If you don’t know anything about golf or technology, make sure to ask plenty of questions before you jump in and buy the gift.

Are anniversaries just for couples?

Typically, yes. But, if you know a couple really well and you want to send them good wishes on their anniversary, feel free to send them a nice bunch of flowers or a card. The couple will appreciate the gesture. However, if you forget someone's wedding anniversary, don’t feel bad. Wedding anniversaries are mostly for the couple and most wedding anniversary gift ideas are supposed to ignite romance between the couple.

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