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Anniversary gifts are gifts that are usually exchanged between a couple who are dating or are married and they usually represent a special day in their relationship e.g. the day that they met, their first date or even the day they got married. Anniversary gifts are also given to the couple as their day is recognized by friends and family members. There are various types of gifts that can be given when celebrating an anniversary. In other words, anniversary gifts don't always have to fall into the jewelry category and in today's gift giving market, there is a wide range of gift ideas. One gift idea is one that falls under the sentimental category and these anniversary gifts are personalized with a depiction of the couple's names and the special date that they are celebrating. Another gift idea is more practical in nature and these gifts are also appreciated because they encompass something that the couple can use for their home e.g. a new TV, new furniture or a piece of artwork. Another gift giving idea that has become popular in the last several years is aromatherapy and this also makes great anniversary gifts. Aromatherapy consists of candles, scented oils and bath salts, scented shower gels and scented lotions. The anniversary gifts that are exchanged between the couple themselves is usually the most special of all. These gifts can be romantic in nature like a trip to the spa for two or a weekend trip away. Other gift ideas are a romantic dinner for two or even that all important special piece of jewelry. And for those of you who enjoy following tradition, there are gifts that are specific to the wedding anniversary that's being celebrated. For example the 1st wedding anniversary is celebrated with paper. The 2nd anniversary has a theme of cotton or straw and the 3rd anniversary has a theme of leather. For a complete list of anniversary themes please feel free to visit Anniversary gifts are a small token when showing your loved one that you remember a day that's special to both of you – a day that changed both your lives for the better. Depending on how sentimental your partner is will determine the kind of gift he or she will appreciate. Regardless how you look at it, celebrating a milestone with those closest to you is part of the many joys in life and it's something that should not be taken lightly.

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