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Baby bed and bath gifts

Baby bed and bath gifts

Help mom and dad out and get the little one baby bed and bath gifts.

Baby bed gifts

If you've ever had kids, you know how many bedroom items you have to get before the little one comes into your world. You have to find a crib, crib sheets, a bumper, a mobile, a sleeper, pajamas, etc. It's really nice when people who know you can help you put these items together because they're expensive add up really quickly! Keep these thoughts in mind when you find yourself on the giving side of baby bed and bath gifts. Go to the store and look for bedroom gifts — such as sheets, blankets, a mobile and a bumper — that others might not think of. Everyone wants to buy clothes for a baby, but how many onesies can a one-month-old really wear? Try to get the kid something that he or she won't outgrow for a couple of months.

That being said, you don't have to get the baby something practical. Though parents always appreciate practical gifts, kids don't. While the baby won't know the difference between a shirt and a toy for some time, you can always get him or her a little friend to hang out in their crib. Baby bed and bath gifts can be fun. Get the kid a stuffed animal instead of matching crib sheets.

Baby bath gifts

Like the baby bedroom gifts, baby bath gifts can be very practical in nature. You can find plenty of different baby powders, shampoos or lotions to help the young one get used to taking baths. Towels, baby washcloths and nail clippers are also good baby bed and bath gifts.

But, if you're feeling a little feisty, go for a toy. As kids get older they love to take baths with toys. Stick with the traditional rubber ducky or move on to wind up toys that scoot their way around the tub. Make sure that the toy is appropriate for a small child. You do not want the kid choking on something that's supposed to be fun! Appropriate toys always make for good baby bed and bath gifts.

Where do I find the gifts?

Before you buy these items, ask mom or dad if they've registered for baby gifts. Thanks to the Internet, many new parents are putting together baby registries. This makes it easier for their baby shower guests and relatives to get them baby gifts that they'll actually use. If they do have a registry, all you have to do is get on line, go to the Web site and enter the family name. Then, locate the proper family and buy the gift. Gift registries have made finding the right baby bed and bath gifts incredibly easy!

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