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Baby gifts for Twins

Baby gifts for Twins

You're headed for a baby shower when mom calls and tells you that she's not having one baby, but she's headed for two. Now what are you supposed to get the kids?

Making it simple

The easiest way to find your baby gifts for twins is by asking the mom if she's created a registry. In this day in age baby registries are just as popular as wedding registries so chances are you'll be able to pull something from the registry. Registries are great because they prevent you from getting the expecting mother a gift she doesn't necessarily want. When you get on the registry Web site, enter the mother's name. Her registry should pop up as will her on-line cart that's full of the goodies she wants for the twins. All you have to do is pick the item you want to purchase, buy it and have it sent to her house or your house.

If you've tried to find the registry, but mom's just not into that sort of thing, you're going to have get creative. Luckily there are plenty of cute, creative baby gifts for twins that you can find on your own.

Making it personal

Even if you don't know what gender the twins are going to be, you can get them personalized baby gear. Many different companies will embroider the kids' names or last name on onsies, jackets, teddy bears and other items. These baby gifts for twins are wonderful especially if the mother has already picked out a name for her babies. Hats, blankets and sheets can also be personalized.

For a nursing mother comfort is key. Instead of getting the kids baby gifts for twins, get mom a pair of comfy sweats. She's going to need some clothes that aren't as big as her pregnancy clothes but not as small as her normal clothes. It's even better if you can find a comfy outfit that she can wear out in public. If you're feeling sassy, get matching outfits for the kids. If you don't know what gender they are, go with neutral colors such as white, yellow, green and blue. Stripes, polka dots and other designs are also safe.

And if you're feeling generous, give mom a card that has a babysitting coupon in it. Write on your coupon that you will baby sit the kids for an evening or overnight when she needs a break. If these are her first two children, she might not appreciate the offer right away. However, not too long after the kids are running around, she'll be cashing in the favor! Letting mom leave her little ones with someone she trusts for a period of time truly is the definition of irreplaceable baby gifts for twins.

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