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baby shower g

Choosing the best baby shower gift has become an art form. More and more, shower attendees are showering Mommies to be with all-encompassing gift ideas. Baby shower gifts are now more than just a token to help out an expectant woman.

Let’s face it, being a mom is hard, but being a new mom can be mind boggling. There is so much to do to get ready for the new arrival from setting up the nursery to labor and delivery options and often times, a new mom can be overwhelmed by what items she does and does not need for her baby. That is where the shower comes in. Any shower hostess would do well to help the expectant mother with her registry to make sure she has what she both needs and wants.

If you will be attending a baby shower soon, try to know the nursery theme or the mother’s decorating style. That way if you choose to give her crib linens you will be able to remain within her theme and what you give her can compliment what she may already have. If you do happen to know what she likes, try to build your gift into something that will serve many purposes. Don’t stop with a crib sheet and a pair of receiving blankets, try to couple them with a special wall hanging or a clock in keeping with the style. Your gift will not be that much more expensive, but you will have met more of her needs, which will help her in the long run.

Baby shower gift baskets have been growing in popularity over the last few years for just that reason. They take baby items and group them in a way to provide maximum benefit for the mother to be. Mommies can never have enough sleepers or diapers, but it is always nice to have extras of other things too, to help her when she most needs to have extras on hand.

Gift baskets also take on a theme. If that is feeding, expect to incorporate bottles, nipples, nipple rings and nurser bags (if using disposable nursers), along with spoons, bowls and bibs. Baskets for baby’s clothing needs will undoubtedly include diapers, one-piece jumpers, sleepers, undershirts, mittens, hats and booties or socks. If you want to provide her with a bathtime basket, you can build it in a baby tub with baby wash, lotion, oil, towels, washcloths, combs and brushes, some nail clippers and a couple of toys. The perfect baby shower gifts are only as simple or ornate as you choose to make them.

When giving to a mother to be, always try to think of needs, wants and what is practical with a touch of fun. Any expecting mommy would love a gift which turns many a baby shower gift into one.

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