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best friends

Best Friend Gift Ideas

Best friends gift ideas can either be comprised of something that your best bud really likes, or be a creative way to share your memories together.

Tripping down memory lane

If you're willing to call someone your best and friend and willingly go to extra lengths to find best friend gift ideas, you've probably spent a lot of time with this person. This means that you have a lot of memories together so why not commemorate your friendship with something that celebrates the times you've shared?

Create a memory book or a scrapbook for your friend. These books, specifically scrapbooks, take a while to create so you should start on your project weeks before you plan on giving your friend the gift. Compile a bunch of pictures, concert tickets, notes and any other small memento of your friendship and then buy a neat book to put the stuff in. If you go to a scrap booking store, you can find all different kinds of paper and accessories to help decorate the pages. If you don't have the time to make a scrapbook, get a nice picture frame or picture book and just collect some of your favorite pictures together. These best friend gift ideas will last a lifetime and bring a great big smile to your friend's face!

Spending time together

Best friend gift ideas that force you and your best friend to spend time together are fantastic! Pick something that both of you like — cooking, dancing, reading, wine tasting, going to shows — and sign up for classes or events that will allow you to do these activities together. Most of these ideas will not work unless you and your best friend live close to each other however, if you frequently talk on the phone, sign your best friend up for a book club membership and agree to read and discuss a book at least once a month. Also, if you live near each other, set aside one day each month that you can get together and do an activity. This might include fishing, shopping or playing a pickup basketball game. Giving your best friend your time, especially if you have a busy schedule, will make him or her feel really good.

And now for the kids

Kids usually go through many different best friends, but, once they decide to stick with one friend for a period of time, let them get some kind of small trinket. Girls still love to have best friend bracelets or necklaces. These pieces of jewelry are divided into two pieces and each piece goes to one of the friends. Boys don't really care for these gifts and usually aren't as eager to exchange a material possession to solidify a friendship. There are a wide array of best friend gift ideas and it's really up to you to pick the perfect gift.

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