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birthday basket

Birthday basket There is something about receiving a gift basket that lets you know you are being thought of. When you want to let a friend or family member know that they are in your thoughts, nothing works better than a gift basket that has been chosen especially for them. A gift basket is a tasteful and elegant idea for a birthday gift. Personalized touches will make the basket even more special. When deciding what to include in your gift basket, think of the hobbies and interests of your special person. Choose a themed basket based on their favorite pasttime. You can create unique baskets for movie lovers, golf lovers, pet lovers, avid readers, and even wine lovers. Here are some ideas to create a meaningful birthday gift basket. For a movie lover, include a favorite movie or a gift card to a movie rental store or cinema. Add popcorn and candy and pack in a personalized popcorn bowl. For the golf lover, use a drink cooler for a basket. Fill with golf tees, personalized golf balls, a golf glove, bottled waters, and even a gift certificate to a favorite golf course. For the wine lover, fill a basket with two bottles of a favorite wine, a wine bottle opener, and an assortment of cheese and crackers. You can also add a pair of personalized wine glasses for a special touch. Birthday gift baskets are also appropriate for giving to parents. For a mother, fill a basket with a book on the special love of mothers, a personalized gift such as a compact or keyring, a favorite book, flowers, and other small gifts. For a father, fill a basket with a special book on dads, a personalized gift such as an all-purpose tool or pen set, small tools, golf items, or gardening items. Choose items for your gift basket that are based on your parent's hobbies and interests. If you are unsure of what items to include in your basket, you can also give a general birthday gift basket. A gourmet gift basket includes a variety of salamis and pastramis, crackers, and spreads. A tea and coffee gift basket includes an assortment of teas and coffees and mugs. You can also create baskets filled with gourmet chocolates, vegetarian items, and even kosher items. These baskets are appropriate for co-workers or an acquaintance that you may not know much about. Gift baskets are unique birthday gift ideas. Including items that have been chosen based on someone's interests and hobbies will ensure the personalized touch your basket needs. Show someone just how special they are with personalized choices. You are not only creating a gift basket but lasting memories.

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