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birthday gift for dad

A birthday gift for Dad is a chance for you to show him just exactly how much you love him and think of him. Dads do so much for their kids and all too often we don’t give them the attention they deserve. Make sure you think of Dad on his birthday and he’ll appreciate it.

Our dads always seem to know just what to get us for our birthdays, but it is rare that we can say the same thing when the birthday gift for Dad comes up. Maybe the reason he always knows what we want is that we tell him. Don’t we all wish he would tell us what he wants? Well, maybe he is telling you. He may not be saying it in so many words, but if you watch his cues, you’ll hear his requests.

If your dad is handy with a wrench and fan belt, you may be onto a great birthday gift for Dad idea. You could consider giving him a car care kit. It is likely that your father, at some point, took some serious time working on your car. That may have been out of necessity, it may have been that he wanted to take some time to ensure you were as safe as you possibly could be when you were driving, or it could have been that he was simply looking for something to tinker with. Either way, he may still enjoy spending time in his garage, so give him things that will boost up his car care supplies. You might want to include a new tire gauge, car wash solution, garage towels, a funnel, a box of new fuses and some tools. This is likely to make his day and keep him busy for quite a while.

For the sports fanatic father you can use his love for “the game” in your birthday gift for Dad. He is sure to live for game day, so you would do well to give him the ultimate fan pack. You’ll want to include a team jersey or t-shirt, a hat, a seat cushion, some sunscreen, a small AM/FM radio with headphones (for game highlights), a pair of sunglasses and a foam finger, all inspired by his favorite team. If he prefers to watch the game on TV, you can still give him the hat and shirt, but you’ll want to give him a popcorn bowl with his team’s logo, popcorn, some snacks and a cup, glass or mug with the team’s logo as well.

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