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16 christian baby gifts

Christian baby gifts are wonderful expressions of love for a new baby. They can be keepsakes or things babies will have their hands on daily. Either way, Christian baby gifts can be cherished items which will be appreciated.

Not so long ago, Christian baby gifts were Bibles or occasional decorative crosses. Retailers realized that this was bad for business and began producing and selling items which would appeal to those believers who wanted to share the Good News with even the youngest of children. That is why there is now a wealth of gift ideas available for those wanting to give baby gifts with a religious theme.

If you are hoping to give a Christian baby gift item which the baby can use you have several options available to you. Very recently stuffed toys have been made available which are in keeping with Christian teachings. You can find stuffed animals kneeling in prayer or with angelic themes. Often times, these toys will have sound features which recite prayers or children’s hymns which are triggered by the squeezing of an ear or the animal’s paw. There are also religion based stuffed toys which light up when hugged. These are all wonderful items which can be a comfort to any child.

Books are also great Christian baby gifts. Bibles designed for children are available for age groups from infants to older children and teens. If you do opt for a Bible or faith based books, they may not necessarily be age appropriate for babies, but parents can use them to spend time reading to the child and teaching Christian doctrine from very early on. As the child ages, they will have favorite books from which to learn the basics of Christianity which they can read on their own.

Keepsake boxes are also widely available. These are not always Christian baby gifts, but they can be made so with a little creativity. What most keepsake boxes do feature is a lovely box (often lined with satin) with a hinged lid in which to store special items like a first pair of booties, a lock of hair or a pacifier. Many of them have a picture frame in the lid which can display a wonderful photo of the baby. These can also be personalized by having them engraved or by having a brass plate affixed with a special message of God’s love or a Bible verse. These can surely be used for the storage of Christening gowns, first Bibles or items from a baby’s baptism or dedication like a dried flower or certificate.

Some of the best baby gifts to be found are faith based. Start shopping early to find the best in Christian baby gifts.

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