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Birthday Gifts for Teens

Birthday Gifts for Teens

Birthday gifts for teens don't have to be complicated or expensive. However, they can be hard to come up with so if you're having a hard time finding birthday gifts for teens, read on.

Seeking out fun options

When you're searching for birthday gifts for teens, look for gifts that are unique. Kids are always right on top of the newest, coolest items and they want to get them before their friends do. Help your teen make their own home videos without having to buy them a digital video camera that will break the bank. Buy a smaller camera that runs on batteries and costs about $50. Teens will come up with all kinds of uses for the camera. They may film sporting events or have a music video making party with their friends. You can't miss with a video camera as your birthday gift for teens.

Another creative birthday gifts for teens is DJ Scratch years. This device is a CD mixer that comes with different sound effects so instead of just burning a CD, they can create a new sound. It also comes with a disco ball so when the kid plays back their new song, they can feel like they're performing in a club.

Don't forget games

The teenager in your life might be getting too cool for you, but they never grow out of playing games. However, their taste in games does change. Video games get increasingly popular as kids get older. Not all parents like video games, but if the kid already has a Play Station 2, consider getting him or her birthday gifts for teens that include a new football or hockey game.

Not into the whole video game thing? Get the kid a personalized Monopoly game. You can get on a Web site and personalize the pieces and look of the game to fit that kid's interest. You can even call the game something other than Monopoly, such as "Sarahopoly."

A good safety net

Everyone wants some kind of safety net when they're looking at birthday gifts for teens. The best safety net you can get is a gift card to the teen's favorite store. This can include a clothing store, video and CD store, music store or bookstore. Gift cards allow the teens to buy whatever they want. It's a surefire way to avoid a return. If you know the kid likes movies, get them a gift card to your local movie theatre. They can continuously use the cards until they run out of money. When you buy these birthday gifts for teens, make sure to ask if they have an expiration date because some gift cards start losing value after a period of time.

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