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Birthday Present Ideas

Birthday Present Ideas

Birthday present ideas can be educational, goofy or just plain fun! As long as you know the person you're buying the gift for, you shouldn’t have a difficult time coming up with a great birthday idea.

Finding good gift for kids

Lots of kids will admit that they like educational birthday presents, but some of them won't. However, if you can find fun birthday present ideas that are also educational, you'll end up killing two birds with one stone. One great educational/fun birthday present is the illuminated globe. This free standing globe looks like a regular globe, but, when the lights are turned off, it changes to show the constellations. It shows 88 constellations and automatically turns to the constellations when it's dark. This globe can be found on the Discovery Channel Web site. This site also has lots of other great birthday present ideas.

The Discovery Channel also has mini transparent green houses. These green houses are clear tubes with a gel filled bottom. The nutrient rich gel nurtures the seeds and the clear container allows the kids to watch the seeds as they grow. As far as birthday present ideas go, this one is low maintenance because it doesn't even require water!

For younger kids, look for birthday present ideas that focus on creation. Choose from the many different how to draw or coloring books. Kids love these presents! If the kids are really young, get them some crayons for the bathtub. The kids can draw on the bath and when they're finished, it can easily be erased.

Men and women

Birthday present ideas for men and women are often harder to come up with then birthday ideas for kids. First of all, traditional toys get knocked out of the park, leaving you with clothes and music. We all know that finding clothes for someone else can be extremely difficult. So, stick with some birthday present ideas that can be enjoyed by just about anyone!

Sensual, natural multi-scented candles are great birthday present ideas for men and women. These candles cut the scent in a bathroom and add a little ambiance to the bedroom. Try to find candles that last more than 40 hours so your gift can keep on giving.

Books are also great birthday present ideas especially if you know what kind of books the gift recipient likes. If you don't know what kind of books they like, give them a gift certificate to a book store or give them a book that can easily be thumbed through.

If your gift recipient likes beer or wine, sign them up for a beer or wine of the month club. These clubs send a new beer or wine to the person every month. The beer or wine that's sent might be consistent with a region or a beer/wine type. These birthday present ideas are great for those who enjoys beer and wine.

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