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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal shower gift ideas can be sassy, practical or romantic and should make the bride-to-be feel excited about getting married.

Sassy bridal gift ideas

At a bridal shower you can present the bride-to-be with any number of different bridal shower gift ideas. One of the most obvious and sassiest gifts are gifts for the bedroom. These gifts can include traditional sexy items such as lingerie, knee high stockings and garter belts. Or, they can include sex enhancement pieces such as body oil, massage oil, feathers, blind folds, ticklers and other gifts that are meant for sexual pleasure. Sex stores carry all of this stuff as well as sex games and sexy costumes. It might be fun to get the bride-to-be a naughty nurse's outfit so she can impress her husband when the honeymoon's over.

Before you get the bride sexy bridal shower gift ideas, ask the hostess if the bride is also going to have a bachlorette party. Sometimes a bachlorette party is a more appropriate place to bring the lingerie and sex toys. But, if the hostess tells you that the bride isn't having a bachlorette party or that her bridal party will not include her mother or grandmother, feel free to follow through on these sassy bridal shower gift ideas.

Practical bridal shower gift ideas

Many bridal showers are organized by the bride's mom or other relatives. These kinds of bridal showers are generally a lot tamer than bridal showers that are organized by the bride's friends. When you're attending a shower of this nature, you should buy the bride practical gifts, not sassy sexy gifts. Before you start shopping, ask the hostess if the bride is registered. These days many girls register for bridal gifts on-line, which makes is extremely easy to get perfect bridal shower gift ideas.

If she hasn't registered for any gifts, consider getting her something for her house. For her kitchen you could get her liquor glasses, tableware, a blender, a food processor or a toaster. Towels, washcloths and a laundry hamper are good gift items for her bathroom. Before you get these gifts, figure out what kind of colors and styles she likes. Bridal shower gifts that do not suit the bride's taste will not go over well. If after asking her you're still unsure as to what styles she might like, get her a gift cards. Bed Bath and Beyond, Linens and Things, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn are great places to get these gift cards.

If the happy couple owns a home, get them a gift card to the Home Depot. Homeowners constantly need to upgrade or fix times in their home and home improvements are not cheap. A Home Depot gift card will let them make the changes they need to make at their own convenience. You can't go wrong with gift cards as bridal shower gift ideas.

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