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Bridesmaid gifts

Bridesmaid gifts

The women that you choose to be in your wedding should be the most special women in your life. To thank them for their love and support, get them nice bridesmaid gifts.

Gift ideas

There are lots of bridesmaid gifts you can give to the women in your wedding. Before you choose a gift, set a budget. Your budget should depend on how many women are in the wedding. The fewer women you have in your wedding the more money you'll be able to spend on each woman. A gift that costs between $25 and $50 a bridesmaid is a good starting point, however, if this is too expensive, you can find cheaper gifts.

Many brides choose to give their bridesmaids bridesmaid gifts that can be used the day of the wedding. Get your girls earrings or small handbags that match their dress. Try to find earrings that are somewhat neutral — gold, silver, pearls — so the girls can wear them again. One complaint that bridesmaids have is that they can't wear their dresses again either because the dresses are too fancy or are a color they wouldn't usually wear. Giving them earrings they will wear again will make them feel better about the dress.

You can find handbags for your bridesmaid gifts on-line or at any department store. Look for bags that are small and will compliment the dress. If you find cheap bags or are feeling sassy, fill them with makeup. Maybe choose a lip gloss and eye shadow for each of your bridesmaids. Choose colors that would look good with their skin tone. You don’t want to get them makeup that they'll never wear!

Your bridesmaid gifts don't have to be used on the day of the wedding. Photo albums, personalized desk top accessories and silver key chains that have the girl's first initial are also popular bridesmaids gifts.

When do I give them their gifts?

That's really up to you. Many brides give their bridesmaid gifts to their leading ladies the night before the wedding or at the rehearsal dinner. At the rehearsal dinner it's customary to share a small memory or give a small speech before you give the gift to each girl. Just say something about how much they mean to you and then give them the gift.

If you think your bridesmaids will feel awkward accepting gifts in front of other people, set aside some girl time and give the girls their gifts then. Now, you don’t have to give every bridesmaid the same gift. Actually, many brides personalize their gifts and give their maid of honor a larger gift. If you're giving the girls different gifts, give them their gifts privately. Putting them in a situation where they have to compare their respective bridesmaid gifts will make them uncomfortable.

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