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Cheap Christmas presents are the ideal way for people who find themselves in one of two categories. First, cheap Christmas presents are perfect for those times when the holiday season rolls around and people find themselves low on cash. In these instances, cheap Christmas presents are the solution because it allows these people to present gifts to family members and friends in their effort to celebrate the holiday season. Second, cheap Christmas presents are a great way to recognize friends, family members or co-workers if you work in an office setting. Cheap Christmas presents carry with them the notion that “it’s the thought that counts” simply because it’s a gift that didn’t cost much but it is enough to let the recipient know that they are thought of in a special way during the Christmas season. These gifts are priced in two ways but generally they range in price from $0 to $10.00. The first determinant of price and how much you spend can be determined by how many people you have to buy for. The second determinant of price is if it’s an office environment or a large family where names are drawn to play the Secret Santa game, then usually a price ceiling is set and it is advised that no one should buy gifts above that number. Examples of cheap Christmas presents under $10.00 are (1) things of an aromatherapy nature like candles, bubble bath, bath salts, scented lotion and shower gel sets; (2) small ceramic or blown glass figurines depicting nativity scenes or angels; (3) gift card to a book store in small denominations; (4) homemade Christmas ornaments; and (5) soft cover or paperback book. Any of these items can easily be found in your neighborhood dollar store except for the gift card to the book store which can be found at some supermarkets and obviously the book store itself. Other ideas for cheap Christmas presents include baked goods like cookies, personal sized sweet breads or pies, brownies. And for you parents who have young children in school and you need presents for all the other students in the class, candy canes tied with a bow go a long way in making children happy. For your child’s teacher, a small box of chocolates can do the trick. Christmas gifts don’t always have to cost an arm and a leg. It’s the spirit in which the gift is given that counts not the price tag on the item.

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