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Cheap gift baskets are the ideal way for people who find themselves in one of two categories. First, cheap gift baskets are perfect for those times when an occasion (like someone’s birthday or anniversary), holiday (like Christmas or Valentine’s Day) or event (baby shower or bridal shower) rolls around and people find themselves a little low on cash. In these instances, cheap gift baskets are a solution because they allow these people to be creative in their gift giving to their family members and friends while celebrating the various occasions. Second, cheap gift baskets are a great way to recognize friends and family members on a large scale. Here is what I mean. If there is a large event or formal function like a wedding or anniversary party, cheap gift baskets can be made up and given to the guests as a party favor or a token of the special day. Cheap gift baskets are particularly clever because they serve as a way to display one’s creative side so it’s something that you should have fun with. It is not advised that you hire a retailer to put these baskets together because the operative word here is cheap. In other words, you want to minimize your costs while maximizing the pleasure the recipients will get from the baskets. The baskets can be small in size and purchased from any neighborhood Dollar General or 99 cents store. If they’re small enough they can be purchased for as little as 50 cents from these types of stores. The filler that you put in the bottom of the basket can usually be purchased at the Dollar General as well and you usually get a large bag for a dollar. Now let’s look at what you can put inside those baskets. If it’s a holiday season then these neighborhood stores I mentioned above, usually carry little knick knacks like ornaments, ceramic angels or nativity scenes made of blown glass, chocolates wrapped in the colors of the season and wall hangings for any home or office décor. For birthday or anniversary baskets, it’s easy to find candles, bubble bath, scented lotions, shower gels, stuffed animals or chocolates to fill your baskets with. And for cheap gift baskets that are being used as party favors you can fill them with items similar to your birthday or anniversary basket. Now that you’ve filled your basket, you can wrap it all up with beautiful colored cellophane paper tied with a ribbon at the top. Now that’s what I would call minimizing cost.

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