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cheerleading gift baskets

Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?!? Cheerleading is a sport that has been around forever and most likely, whenever you visit any sporting event, you will find them exuding their enthusiasm on the sidelines. When it comes time to give a gift to your favorite cheerleaders, consider giving them cheerleading gift baskets. Maybe your're a coach and it's the end of another season and you want to find a way to tell your squad you think they're the best. Aside from the traditional trophies, buttons and penants, there are lots of ways to express your gratitude for a job well done. Gift Baskets Remembered offers a wide variety of gift baskets that are sure to please any pallet, and you can combine these with a DVD of highlights from the season or a photo album of different games and competitions. Cheerleading gift baskets can be made of other things as well. Put a team sweatshirt in a gift basket filled with lollipops that are the same as the school colors. Buy everyone on your squad a gift certificate for a pedicure to relieve those tired feet and present it in a basket filled with jellybeans and a plaque. Offer them personalized cheering notepads and pens for school or give them each a team travel mug to fill with cocoa before the big game. At the end of the season, summer will be right around the corner. Try cheerleading gift baskets filled with beach stuff including can coozies, flipflops and towels. For an extra special treat, throw in an anklet or braclet that has cheer charms on it or a necklace that says the same. Custom make tshirts or tank tops for your squad with an iron on cheer emblem for the front and embroider their initials in the corner or put their last name on the back. If you're giving the cheerleading gift baskets at the beginning of the football season, consider items to keep them warm. Get them knit beanies in their school colors and couple this with mittens in the school colors; they'll be toasty on all those Friday nights! A lot of cheerleaders like to bedazzle themselves before going on the field. Present them with a small gift basket filled with glitter, lipglosses and hair bows. Cheerleading gift baskets can be fun to put together and fun to give. Pair any of these great ideas with a cd of mixed music that you've created, just for them. As your squad, they look up to you and enjoy the time you give them; show you how much you appreciate them as well with cheerleading gift baskets designed by you.

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