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Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couples

You can always get each part of a couple their own gift for Christmas, but Christmas gift ideas for couples are a lot more fun than just finding something for each person.

The weather outside is frightful

Lots of times we get people Christmas gifts that can't be used until the spring. While these gifts are great, it's nice to be able to use the gift before the snow melts. Find some nice fleece lined beanies for the couple. You can get them matching styles at stores like J-Crew. Scarves and mittens are also great twin Christmas gift ideas for couples. You can also get them custom car keys that actually start win tout being in the ignition. This is a great gift for a couple that lives in an extremely cold climate, especially if they don't have a garage to keep their car in. Now, instead of freezing for 10 minutes while the car warms up and the windows defrost, they can eat their breakfast together and then walk into a nice warm car. A nice ergonomic shovel is another gift you can get for the couple. This is a nice way to hint to each person in the couple that shoveling is a shared job.

In warmer climates, where the weather isn't so frightful, you can find other outdoor gifts that will get the couple excited about being outside. Once a month bulbs are good Christmas gift ideas for couples that like to garden. You can order these at Red Envelope so the couple gets one new bulb every month. Then they can plant the bulbs together in their garden.

Kinda cheesy…but cute

If you're getting Christmas gift ideas for couples that are newly married, find gifts that will help the couple start Christmas traditions of their own. For example, get them a "First Christmas" ornament to hang on their tree. Then explain that, until they get enough ornaments for their tree, they should present each other with a new Christmas ornament every year.

You can also get the couple matching t-shirts that have their faces on it. The pictures should be of some time they shared together. These t-shirts will probably only be worn in the home, but they'll think they're cute. Matching aprons are a good idea for couples that like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Matching Christmas gift ideas for couples are a bit cheesy, but they couples usually find them endearing.

The whole his/her theme is also a good way to go with Christmas gift ideas for couples. Find his and her towels, tooth brushes and underwear. The underwear tend to be a big hit because it's pretty obvious which underwear are his and hers! These fun Christmas gifts for couples can be purchased on-line or at some local retailers.

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