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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

When Christmas time rolls around you have to find a great gift for dear old dad. Coming up with Christmas gift ideas for dad is as simple as paying attention to his hobbies.

For the active guy

Lots of dads are active. They either participate in recreational sports, go to the gym, or play sports with their kids. You can always get your dad a piece of equipment that he'll be able to use in his free time or with you, his kids! However, if your dad seems to have all the equipment he needs or he prefers to pick this stuff out himself, consider getting these unique Christmas gift ideas for dad.

The first idea is a pedometer, which is a device that dad attaches to himself. It counts his steps so he can keep track of how much exercise he gets in a day. Give these Christmas gift ideas for dad to your dad if he's been talking about getting in shape. This will allow him to keep track of his steps. When he realizes how little he walks, he may opt to take the stars instead of the elevator at work. So, not only will your gift be thoughtful, it will also keep your dad healthy! This is a great idea for a dad who likes to run because a lot of these pedometers "speak," which means that they shout out inspirational phrases while dad's in the middle of a tough run.

Does you dad complain about how much time he has to spend in his office? For the corporate dad who likes to exercise, but doesn't always have the time to do so, get an office punching bag. These bags come in all different sizes and will fit in the corner of your dad's office. So, instead of munching at lunch, your dad can take a few jabs at the bag. These Christmas gift ideas for dad will keep him healthy and allow him to vent work frustration.

Gadgets and other unique gifts

For the dad that's a gadget guy, check out the gadget pen. This pen is basically like a Swiss Army knife. It comes with all kinds of different compartments that include a knife, tooth pick and flashlight. This pen will prevent your dad from having to carry around a pocketknife as well as a pen. He'll love showing these Christmas gift ideas for dad off to his friends and office companions.

You can always get dad a game for Christmas. If he likes video games, get him a new one. If he's more of the board game type, get him a personalized Monopoly. Yes, you can actually get on-line and create a Monopoly that is suited to your dad. These Christmas gift ideas for dad add a personal touch to an otherwise standard gift.

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