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Christmas gifts for dad

Christmas gifts for dad

Don't get dad another cartoon tie for Christmas! Find Christmas gifts for dad that will really peak his interest.

Some basics

All men have different interests, but most men like some kind of sport or leisure activity. To start brainstorming Christmas gifts for dad, make a list of the stuff he really likes to do. Then, make a list of any sports teams or athletes that he's really into. Paying attention to what your dad likes is the easiest way to find him a Christmas present that he'll love. That's great, but what do you do for the fisherman that has every piece of gear imaginable? Get creative. Find him a fishing lamp that is shaped like a pole. Or, get him a fishing journal so he can record the temperature of the water, the time of day he fished and the number and size of fish he caught.

For the Pistons fan that seems to have everything Pistons, look for gifts that are more basketball oriented. Find Christmas gifts for dad that can be placed in his office, such as a Piston's trash can. Or, you can get him a basketball hoop to put on the back of his office door. His boss might not like it, but he will.

For the accessory freak

You know your dad's an accessory freak when…he has so many gadgets dangling off his belt he could use a purse! If this sounds like your dad, look for Christmas gifts for dad that will feed his need for doodads. A leather bound business card wallet is a good place to start. Obviously, this is not a gift for a dad that doesn't carry and pass along business cards. However, if he spends a lot of time with his hand in his pocket, dolling out business cards, get him this neat accessory.

For the neat freak, find Christmas gifts for dad that include a standing valet. Dad can put an entire outfit on the valet to keep his things from getting wrinkly. The standing valet is a great bedroom accessory for any dad who likes to plan his outfits ahead of time.


You can get your dad practical Christmas gifts for dad, such as a tool box or a pair of socks, but unless he's Mr. Handy, he'll probably be more excited to receive some kind of entertainment. For older kids, taking dad to a concert might be an option. The trick is finding music that you both like. It can also be hard to find bands that he likes that are still performing! If a concert is out of the question, get your dad the greatest hits CD of his favorite band or make him a mix CD of the kind of music he likes. If you do this, make sure these Christmas gifts for dad are based on his musical tastes, not yours!

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