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christmas gifts for teachers

Buying Christmas gifts for teachers can sometimes leave you feeling like you are swimming in a sea of coffee mugs and apple shaped paperweights. Teachers are extraordinary people, spending their days educating our future leaders of tomorrow. Don't let your fear of your gift being out-of-the-ordinary keep you from buying great Christmas gifts for teachers that are extraordinary. Your first instinct might be to buy a spa inspired gift; after all, you child's teacher works extremely hard and deserves some time to herself, so it seems fitting. But teachers are typically creative people, so try to think "outside the box" when buying Christmas gifts for teachers. Try a mental dexterity game,a small art set for any time she or he has a moment of inspiration or a small tabletop desk fountain for the classroom. Teachers also seem to be constantly dragging books and supplies around, so you could choose a sturdy tote bag, such as the bags that the Boston Public Library uses to transport books between their branches. You could offer it up with a nice leather bound journal for any creative thoughts that need to be jotted down throughout the day or a gift certificate to your local bookstore. Other great Christmas gifts for teachers are cd's of jazz or new age music paired with tickets to a play or show. A nice desk set with classy pens is a great way to show your appreciation of all the hard work your childs teacher does. Try a coffee or tea basket from Gift Baskets Remembered with a few sturdy travel mugs. For the teacher who seems to be quirky and goofy, go for something fun like a plug and play retro video game, a gift certificate for a free magazine subscription or our Blockbuster gift basket; that way they can pick their own movie or video game rental. Board games are also great Christmas gifts for teachers; there is now a make-it-yourself "opoly" game where you create a monopoly-like game based on your life! Think of the fun your childs teacher would have with that! A failsafe gift is always the gift of food. Gift Baskets Remembered has many different varieties to choose from, whether you're shopping for the book lover, the king of the backyard BBQ or just someone that needs a special thank you. If you're still stumped as to what to buy, give us a call and we can help lead you to the perfect gift. When it comes to buying a gift for your child's teacher, make it a good one. After all, your children are extraordinary, shouldn't your Christmas gifts for teachers be that way too?

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