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Christmas gifts for teens

Christmas gifts for teens

Christmas is the one time of year where it's actually OK to buy teenagers the expensive gifts they've been bugging you for all year long!

Parental guidelines

Before you start brainstorming Christmas gifts for teens, talk to the parents. Teenagers are not shy about telling their parents what they want, especially not around Christmas time! Parents can tell you where to shop, what specifically to look for and what size the kid wears. They'll also tell you if they think one of your gift ideas isn't appropriate. For example, you may think getting the teenager the R-rated movie they asked for is OK, but the parent may think otherwise.

If you're the parent of a teenager, you should sit down with your spouse and talk about a Christmas budget. It's easy to get carried away with spending around the holiday season. However, it's a good idea to make sure you're on the same page. Once you've laid out a budget, go thorough your kids list and pick out the items you want to buy. Sporting goods and technology are two great Christmas gifts for teens that can be purchased by parents.

Sporting goods

Sporting goods are great Christmas gifts for teens because they're functional and they're really expensive. Teenagers always want the most expensive basketball shoes and soccer warm-ups, but when they ask for them during the season, they usually get a resounding "no" from mom and dad. This Christmas, surprise your teenager by getting him or her the piece of equipment they've been bugging you about. Good, expensive sporting goods include snowboards, goggles, gloves, hockey equipment, athletic shoes, golf clubs and bags, camping gear and mountain biking accessories.


Technological gifts are another type of Christmas gifts for teens that parents usually don't buy for their kids during the year. Computers, digital cameras, computer cameras, iPods, mP3 players, Play Stations, CDs, DVDs, TVs and cell phones are really popular.

If you really want to get your kid one of the more expensive technological Christmas gifts for teens, start your shopping early. Start comparing prices a few months before Christmas because stores frequently have big sales.

Gifts from relatives

Relative who are buying Christmas gifts for teens should not feel obligated to spend more than $30 on the teen. Leave the big gifts to the parents! However, just because you're not spending gobs of money doesn't mean that you're going to give the kid a bad gift. Buy the kid a CD, a DVD set or a gift card. These days you can get a gift card for just about anything. Ask the teen's parents what stores they like and then go buy a $30 gift card. Put the gift card in an envelope and congratulate yourself for finding perfect Christmas gifts for teens that cost less than 50 bucks!

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