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Christmas Gifts for Tweens

Christmas Gifts for Tweens

Tweens are at an age where they still like kid stuff, but really want to be cool like teenagers. This can make finding Christmas gifts for tweens difficult.

Decorate their room

The neat and sometimes frustrating thing about tweens is that they're balancing between being a kid and being a teenager. This means they still like kid stuff, but are looking to be cool like teenagers. They want to start asserting their individuality. This can be a trying time for the kid's parents, but it's a great time for finding Christmas gifts for tweens.

When kids start trying to be individuals, the first place they start defining themselves is in their bedroom where they will start spending increasing amounts of time. When you're looking for Christmas gifts for tweens, look for stuff they can put in their bedroom. We're not talking about sheets or pillow cases. We're talking about cool bedroom furniture or d├ęcor that will make their room look cool.

Look for inflatable furniture. You can find inflatable couches and chairs. They come in all different colors and they're big enough for the kids to sit on. They're surprisingly comfortable to sit on, not that comfort really matters to a tween. Inflatable furniture are good Christmas gifts for tweens because they're inexpensive and they can easily be moved all over the kid's room. While you're on the inflatable furniture kick, pick up some bubble decorations. Bubble clocks, back packs and watches are inflatable and make for cool kid accessories.

Technology as a no lose gift

The tweens of today just love technology and they understand it better than most adults. Get the tween in your life some kind of technical toy. CD players, stereos, iPods and MP3 players are popular technological Christmas gifts for tweens. If the kid plays video games either on the computer or with a Play Station, you can get them a new game.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a technological gift for tweens, get them a techie accessory. Get them a new pair of headphones for their iPod. Instead of getting them a pair of white head phones, get them one with blue or pink rhinestones. You can also get the tween a new phone. Not a cell phone, but a phone for their room. Get a Simpsons phone or a clear phone that lights up when it rings. Kids love having something new that they can show their friends. Black light CD racks are also great, less expensive Christmas gifts for tweens. These racks have black lights on the side giving the holder a cool glowing effect. These are also functional Christmas gifts for tweens because they hold all of their favorite CDs.

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