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1st Birthday Presents

1st Birthday Presents

Your little one's first birthday party is a huge deal and so you're going to want to find perfect 1st birthday presents.

Unique baby safe ideas

Though you may think you little one is getting big because he or she just turned one, the bottom line is that they're still a baby. So, when you're looking for 1st birthday presents, you need to keep safety in mind. A color changing duck is a great bathroom accessory for one-year-olds. Ditch the standard rubber ducky and get a duck that changes colors starting at one end of the rainbow and finishing at the other. These ducks are battery operated. They glow in the dark and can also be a night-light for your child.

One-year-olds love characters from movies and TV that they recognize such as Winnie the Pooh. You 1st birthday presents can include stuffed or talking characters from these shows. Kids seem to love Tigger, the zany tiger from the Winnie the Pooh series. Perhaps it's because he's so full of energy! Maybe it's because he can bounce on his tail. Whatever the case, baby's first Tigger toy is a great gift idea.

Great 1st birthday presents for little girls include birthstone bracelets. You can put these on a little boy, but they're usually designed with little girls in mind. These bracelets can be purchased to fit any birthstone. They're small enough to put on your daughter's wrist and they include an extra safety clasp to keep the bracelet from falling off. The bracelet is made from sterling silver and includes freshwater pearls, a perfect start to your daughter's jewelry collection.

Educational gifts are also great 1st birthday presents. Get the child a personalized DVD of their favorite characters including Dora the Explorer, Baby Genius, Spiderman or Arthur. These personalized DVDs actually put the child in the DVD by adding an animated character to the film that speaks your child's name as it acts as a co-star to the main character. These DVDs teach kids about themselves, teach kids songs and give them other educational prompts.

For mom and baby

If you're going to a first birthday party and the party is for a family member or relative, consider getting 1st birthday presents that will benefit mom and the kid. One-year-olds like gifts, but they're too young to really appreciate the loot they'll get at their birthday party. So, pick up a rocking chair for mom and baby. The baby will benefit from it by getting rocked to sleep and mom will love that it puts the kid to sleep. You can also get the child a sterling silver piggy bank. Give them a few coins put in the bank. They'll love it! Mom will love these 1st birthday presents because you're helping her child save for something special!

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