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coffee gift baskets

Coffee gift baskets are a great gift idea for any giving occasion. Coffee’s popularity over the last several years has boomed and almost everyone loves at least one kind of coffee. Specialty items are also available to enrich the coffee experience.

If you intend on giving a coffee gift basket, there are a few key elements which you simply must include. Obviously, a great bag of coffee is the first item to include. You will want to ensure that you select a variety that the recipient will enjoy. Try to find out their particular taste before purchasing to guarantee a good choice. If you are unable to find out, a safe choice is a nice house blend. They are generally flavorful and rich, but not too bold or bitter. They are available in any brand.

Once you have selected the coffee, include a sweetener. You can choose any type of sweeteners. Sugar comes in many forms from traditional table sugar to sugar in the raw. Table sugar is what most people are used to. Consider including an extra fine sugar. These are traditionally for baking, but dissolve very quickly and can be interesting. Sugar in the raw is unrefined sugar. It is somewhat brown in color and the crystals are much larger than table sugar. The flavor is still sweet, but is very natural and pleasing. It has a more gentle taste than table sugar. Additional sweeteners to think of are flavored sugars. These are sugars which are infused with spices and are a lovely accompaniment to any coffee. These can be purchased or homemade. If your recipient prefers artificial sweeteners, you could always add a few packets in a case designed for carrying sweetener packets.

Just as coffee has evolved, so has the coffee cup. Traditional cups are becoming more and more rare. Include in your basket a coffee vessel in keeping with the coffee you include in your coffee gift basket. If your gift is geared toward espresso, you will want to give an espresso cup or two with saucers to match. If you are giving the basket to someone who loves a big hot cup of coffee in the morning, you can find mugs which are very large and hold up to sixteen ounces of coffee. They are available in many styles and some even come with humorous quotations or work related commentary. Try to find one that suits the personality of the recipient as well as the coffee style.

If you need to give the right gift, consider giving a coffee gift basket. They are a great item for those to whom you are close as well those you know from the workplace. Coffee gift baskets are a warm, considerate and always appreciated gift.

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