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coffee inspired gift ideas

Coming up with coffee inspired gift ideas can be one of the funnest things ever, especially if you're a huge coffee fan. These gifts come in many sizes and can have many different items in them. Most anyone enjoys getting a gift, especially when it involves coffee and snacks! With their large selection, Gift Baskets Remembered is sure to have coffee inspired gift ideas for the coffee lover on your list. For the coffee lover that needs some time to relax, try our Take A Break gift basket, filled with gourmet coffee, biscotti, chocolate cake, plus lots of other scrumptious goodies; deliver this with the newest release from their favorite author and they'll be thrilled. All they'll need is a cozy lap blanket and a quiet chair to sit down and read in. Other coffee inspired gift ideas can include filling your own basket with several pounds of their favorite blend of coffee, fresh teas, and some freshly made chocolate chip cookies or a few loaves of bread. If they are watching their waistline, try heart healthy snacks like nuts, crackers and fruit instead. Create a basket that is overflowing with a book about coffee, some handmade mugs, cookies, flavored creamers and a blend that you've created just for them. These are all great coffee inspired gift ideas that are sure to please any coffee lover. Coffee inspired gift ideas can be small and simple if you like. This can be as easy as putting together a small basket with some individual servings of gourmet coffees and teas; if they are whole bean sample bags, add a funky grinder while you're at it. Throw in a few coffee sticks, a honey bear and a embroidered tea towel and a vintage tea cup and saucer; a small batch of cookies will make the basket complete. Buying for a friend that has discerning taste? Try coffee inspired gift ideas like the Coffee Connoisseur gourmet coffee gift basket and surprise them. This basket offers a variety of flavored gourmet coffees, flavored coffee stirrers, cookies, honey, bon-bons and flavored creamers. Attach a gift certificate to a local bakery or specialty shop that they enjoy. There is no way that this won't be a welcomed gift! Regardless of what you decide to do, when you are coming up with coffee inspired gift ideas, you can't go wrong. Friends and family, young and old, will enjoy the chance to sit back and relax for a few minutes while they sip on a freshly brewed cup of coffee. For a perfect gift, sit down and make a list of coffee inspired gift ideas; then, enjoy shopping!

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