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College graduation gifts are a great way to recognize the accomplishments of a friend or family member on their special day. College graduation gifts will vary depending on who the gift is for – sibling, cousin, child, grandchild, or child of a friend. The one constant thing is this – graduating from college is a big deal and since the recipient did well to achieve what they have it is important to recognize the fact that they are about to embark on something new, a new and exciting phase in their life so to speak. College graduation gifts should not only reflect how you feel about the graduate but it should also reflect how you feel about the graduate's achievement. Here is what I mean. If the graduate is your very own son or daughter, then your college graduation gifts should be particularly special because of the close relationship you share with the graduate. Examples of gifts from parent to college graduate child include a new briefcase for the graduate who is lucky enough to already have a new job lined up, a new suit to wear when job hunting if the graduate hasn't found a job yet, a new laptop computer along with a thumb drive or pen drive so they can carry their presentations wherever they go or a new car to get to work. Jewelry is always an acceptable option and having the piece engraved will add a nice touch to memorializing the occasion for years to come. These gifts are also acceptable to be exchanged between grandparent and college graduate grandchild. Other types of college graduation gifts include money, an all expense paid vacation, a gift certificate to their favorite store, a new desk for their home or office or a personalized pen and pencil set. The key to giving the right college graduation gifts is to know your graduate in terms of what they like and what they might need. As you can see from the examples listed above, there are many college graduation gifts for you to choose from and the gift you choose is really determined by your relationship to the college graduate and how much you want to spend on their gift. Regardless of the extent of your relationship with them, college graduates should always be treated in a special way because they deserve it. They have accomplished something great and their achievements should be recognized.

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