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creative christmas gifts

Creative Christmas gifts are wonderful and unforgettable. Most often, these items are handmade and created with a specific person or family in mind.

Scrapbooking has become an extremely popular hobby for many Americans in the last several years. Most people scrapbook for themselves and their own family photos. Scrapbooks preserve special photos which spark special memories of the important events of our lives. A wonderful creative and handmade Christmas gift would be a custom designed scrapbook with elements set in place to allow a family to simply add their own photos to an otherwise complete scrapbook. Obviously, in order to give a custom scrapbook to a family one must first have some knowledge of the family to whom a scrapbook is to be given. Consider giving a near complete scrapbook to a family to whom you are close.

If you are not sure of the elements to include in a custom designed scrapbook for a family, you can still give a scrapbook and the elements needed to help create a wonderful scrapbook to be cherished. You will want to give a scrapbook, specialty papers, stickers and embellishments, quality scrapbooking pens, scissors and adhesives. Giving a family creative Christmas gifts like scrapbooks encourage family togetherness, teamwork and imagination.

Quilts are also wonderful creative Christmas gifts. Quilt designers are artists of geometry and fabric who are able to create masterpieces with no boundaries. Often times you can find quilters who are willing to allow you to incorporate a personal touch in their quilts. You could use digital photos to print out iron-on images of a family with specialized transfer paper and quilting fabrics. These images on fabric can then become blocks of a custom designed quilt for the family you have in mind.

Another wonderful creative Christmas gift is a family cookbook. You would need to collect several recipes from members of the family from each generation. These recipes can be grouped in many different ways, including the traditional method or even better, by generation. This is a great way to keep family traditions in tact an encourage family members to revisit the way of life from which the family came.

Using family traditions to inspire Christmas gifts is a fabulous way to give meaningful gifts and encourage families to share stories, traditions and time together. Creative Christmas gifts are sure to become treasured family heirlooms.

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