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Employee gift ideas are a great way to let your employees know how much you appreciate all the hard work they have put in for the company throughout the year. One great thing about employee gift ideas is an employer does not have to wait until a special holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving to come along before they give out gifts to their employees. As a matter of fact, employee gift ideas are an excellent idea all year long. And if an employer wants to set themselves apart from their competitors, then it would be a special gesture if they were to give gifts to their employees on their birthdays and when they celebrate anniversaries with the company. Employee gift ideas go a long way in helping to raise employee morale and making the employees feel special, like their hard work does not go unnoticed by management. As an employer, you may choose to differentiate among the various levels of your staff when it comes to your employee gift ideas. By this I mean that the CEO would give very different gifts to the receptionist, housekeeping, secretary and his CFO. It is, however, a good thing for an employer to not make this a very public fact for the simple reason that it could cause dissension in the ranks and it could also add to the us versus them mentality. Here is another way to solve this potential problem – try giving the same gift to all employees, regardless of their title within the company and what their job duties may be. Some examples of employee gift ideas include an all purpose bag, knapsack or satchel, desk clock, wall calendar, engraved book ends, calculator, pen and pencil set, blanket or picture frame. As an added advertising strategy, a manager should add his company name and/or logo to any gift he gives out on behalf of the company. Of course, there are some high end options for employee gift ideas like all expense paid vacations, briefcase, spa packages, new desktop computer or laptop, gift certificate in large denomination, formal party in the employee’s honor. Whether your employee gift ideas are for your receptionist, your secretary, your maintenance man, your IT guy, your manager or your CFO, all employees should be treated fairly and equally. One place to start is in the gift giving arena when you level the playing field for all gift recipients.

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