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Engagement gifts

Engagement gifts

What better way to share in a couple's engagement than to get them nice engagement gifts?

Taking in tradition

Engagements are usually a surprise, which means that couples don’t necessarily register for gifts. This is nice, but it makes finding engagement gifts a little more difficult. Luckily there are some time tested traditional engagement gifts that you can always fall back on. Flowers are perfect for most occasions, including engagements. Get the couple's address and send them a nice card and some flowers. Florists always have pre-made bouquets and there's no rule as to which flowers to send. If you know the couple really well and want to send them their favorite flowers, do so. Chances are, you probably don't know what flowers they love, so send them a nice seasonal bouquet.

Bottles of wine or champagne and personalized champagne or wine glasses are also traditional engagement gifts. If you're hearing about the engagement, you should know the couple and if they don't drink, steer away from these gifts.Making memories

The engagement announcement is the couple's first chance to show the world that they've made a commitment to stay together forever. Help them capture this special moment by giving them some type of memory holder. You can get them a memory picture box. These boxes look like jewelry boxes, but they have a clear glass top for a picture. The inside includes lots of space or a small photo album for pictures. These engagement gifts can also be personalized with the couple's last name or initials.

Go to a memory store (such as Things Remembered) and get the couple a gift that includes their married name and date of their engagement. Lots of couples get personalized items that include their name and the date of the wedding. However, they don't usually get something that includes the date of the engagement. You can find clocks, picture frames, vases and other stainless steel items that the store will engrave for you. These engagement gifts are unique to the couple.

Milestone frames are perfect engagement gifts for the active couple. These frames include a series of different pictures and can be individually labeled. So, you can have a "Road Trip" frame, a "Her Family Frame" and a "Wedding Day" frame. This gift allows the couple to sit down together and run through old pictures and old memories. These frames can be found at Red Envelope. This store also carries a free standing family tree. This family tree has an individual clip for each family member. The couple can start with pictures of themselves or their parents and work their way down leaving plenty of room for kids! Memory making engagement gifts are wonderful because you can guarantee that the couple has many memories and will make many more in their life together.

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