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food basket

What should you include in the perfect food basket gift? Well, to whom are you giving this food basket? What types of things do they like? What are you able to spend? And how well do you know the person or people you are giving the food basket to? All of these are important questions to consider when you are going to give a food basket gift.

Know your budget heading into a food basket project. It is easy to get sidetracked and spend way too much, especially if you are planning to include gourmet or high end items in your food basket gift. Sure, the person to whom you are giving the food basket will appreciate your generosity, but will your checkbook? Set a budget before you shop and stick to it. If you have no idea of what prices will run beforehand, set out on a fact finding mission so you can set your limits before you buy anything.

Next, just who will be receiving this food basket? Is this a co-worker or a subordinate? Do you spend time with them outside of work? If not, keep your food basket gift on the safe side and don’t go overboard. If you are giving a food basket to your oldest and dearest friend, it is ok to get a little extravagant with the items you include. Just set a gauge based on your relationship with the person to whom you are giving the food basket gift and base all the items you include on that.

If your food basket is intended for someone in the workplace you could consider a coffee basket or a tea basket. These will both include different flavors of the beverage, some sugars and/or sugar substitute and at least a mug or cup. You can also add some biscotti or simple cookies and you’ll have a nice gift basket. If you wanted to go the fresh foods route, you have several options. You can make a fruit basket, a pastry or baked goods basket or you could try to make a breakfast basket and include all sorts of breakfast related items. You could have fruit, baked items, individual packets of oatmeal, coffee samples, tea bags and sweeteners.

Whatever you decide to use to base a food basket on, make sure you include a couple of food items to sample which are somewhat different from one another. If you do a muffin basket, try having blueberry muffins and pumpkin muffins. That way you are giving a great selection in the basket as well. Stick to a few guidelines and your budget and you’ll build a wonderful food basket gift.

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