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food gift baskets

Food Gift Baskets Food gift baskets are a great, useful way to let someone know that you're thinking about them. Why buy food gift baskets? Food gift baskets are one of the best ways to avoid getting someone a gift that they won't like. In fact, even if you don't know the person that well, you really can't miss with a gift basket. Take a moment and think about situations where you've been around that person. Were you at a barbeque? A wine tasting? A work dinner? Try to remember what the person was eating or drinking. Also recall if they've ever mentioned something that they've liked to you. All you need is one food or beverage and you can get started with a food gift basket. Themed baskets Let's say that you went out to coffee with a co-worker and she ordered some kind of fancy coffee drink. She recently broke her leg and you want to get her something nice. Well, put together coffee themed food gift baskets. Include different kinds of coffee and tea, some biscotti's, chocolate and different creamers. If you're feeling crazy, you can also add a large coffee cup or two. Whenever you're thinking about putting food gift baskets together, think about what the person likes. For an Italian friend, you can make an Italian themed food basket. Go to a gourmet food store and pick up some Italian sauces, dry mixes for dips, pasta, wine and cheese. If you don't know what the person likes to eat, put together general food gift baskets. Include different cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts and chocolate. Putting together a diverse food basket ensures that the person will like something! Or, think about upcoming holidays. Food gift baskets are great holiday gifts. Before you head to a Christmas party, create a holiday gift basket. This can include sausage, cheese, appetizer mixes, crackers, wine, cookies and ornaments. Your host will love getting a Christmas holiday food basket especially if he or she needs more hors devours for the evening! Where to find your baskets Finding pre-made food gift baskets is as easy as doing a simple search on the Internet. Tons of Web sites have special food baskets. Some specialize in food baskets while others specialize in holiday and event baskets. These sites often let you special order baskets so if you don't like what they have in the pre-made baskets, put your own basket together. They'll wrap it and ship it out for you. The cost of these baskets really depends on what you choose to put in the basket. If you choose a basket that has several bottles of expensive wine, you could be a looking at a cost of more than $500. However, food baskets that have a nice array of food should cost between $30 and $100.

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