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get well 0322

Get well baskets There is something about receiving a gift basket that is especially cheering when you are ill. When you want to let a friend or family member know that they are in your thoughts, nothing works better than a gift basket that has been designed especially with their needs in mind. There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing items for your get well gift basket. If your friend or family member is recovering from an illness such as the flu, provide them with a basket of necessities. Fill your basket with an assortment of green and peppermint teas, hard candies, and throat lozenges. Add nutritious edibles such as crackers and soups. A box of Kleenex is also a good addition to your get well basket. Is your friend or family member recovering from a surgery? It is likely that they are unable to move around. Handheld games and puzzle books can help cure boredom. If they love to read, include a copy of their favorite author's most recent novel. Add a collection of edibles such as cookies, crackers, candies, and chocolates and you are sure to create a basket that will help your friend or family recover faster. Children who are recovering from an illness or injury can also appreciate get well gift baskets. Fill the basket with coloring books and crayons and puzzle books to keep them occupied while they recover. A stuffed animal can be a companion and source of comfort while recovering at home or in the hospital. Stickers, small toys, and activity books can also be used to fill your basket with cheer. Themed gift baskets are also great to receive. Make a doctor's kit using jelly bean "pills" and gummy "band-aids". Create smiles with a smiley face theme basket that includes joke books and smiley face items. A chicken soup basket can include any books from the line of Chicken Soup for the Soul, saltines, soup mugs, and real chicken soup. When choosing items for your gift basket, keep in mind the situation your friend or family member is in. If there are diet restrictions, make your edible items appropriate. If reading is difficult, include a book on tape (make sure there are headphones and player available for use). Magazines, novels, and puzzle books all help pass the time. When making a gift basket for children keep the items age appropriate. Personalized touches will create a get well gift basket that will encourage and comfort your friend or family member during recovery and let them know they are special.

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