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Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Gift ideas for boyfriends can be tricky, especially if you haven't been with your boyfriend for long and aren't quite sure what you want your gift to say.

Just dating

For couples that have only been seeing each other for a couple of months, a birthday can be a real source of stress. So, what should you do if your sort-of, not-really boyfriend pops a birthday on you when you've barely hit your fifth date? Play it cool. Offer to take him out for lunch, drinks or a movie. You can also offer up putt putt if he's a golfer. If you're both active, offer to go on a hike, play basketball or play some other sport with him. He'll really appreciate the gesture and it will allow you to circumvent the whole awkward gift ides for boyfriends that you're not even sure you have.

But what happens if you're not active? Or if you don't have access to athletic activities? Get your guy a small, goofy gift he'll enjoy. Find a foam padded remote control that has the logo of his favorite sports team on it. This isn't expensive and he and his friends will get a kick out of it. Get the more bookish type a gift certificate to a bookstores. In fact, if you're not sure what to get him, give him a gift certificate to a store you know he'd like. These gift ideas for boyfriends show that you're aware of his interests, but don't want to dictate what he does with his gift.

And now you've gotten serious

It's official. You are boyfriend and girlfriend and no one would ever consider calling you anything different. If this is you, you need to look at completely different gift ideas for boyfriends. The best way to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend is to pay attention to what he likes. If he's into a certain band, get him concert tickets. If he really likes sports, get him tickets to a game that he would enjoy. Gift ideas for boyfriends are really not hard to find if you're tuned in to what he likes.

Sexy gift ideas for boyfriends always go over well. Get your boyfriend a pantygram. Pantygrams are delivered the same way telegrams or cookie grams are delivered. A person who works for the company goes to your boyfriend's door, reads him a silly little poem and gives him some panties. Don't worry, the panties are new! This is a great, unexpected sexy gift idea that will make your boyfriend extremely excited to see you. This combined with a nice dinner, candles and a sensual back massage will make both of your nights. Gift ideas for boyfriends should be of interest to your boyfriend, but they can benefit you.

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