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gift ideas for dad

Gift ideas for Dad may stump many a gift giver, but it really can be simple and fun to find just the right thing for the man in your life. Dads may seem hard to buy for, but they love anything put together with love and them in mind. Your father will appreciate the gesture and the gift for years to come.

When thinking of Dad and what to get him, think first of things he enjoys. Is he a golf enthusiast? Coin collector? NASCAR fan? Does he love a good book? Is eh an avid runner or outdoorsman? Knowing these things will help you narrow down your choices and make gift giving rewarding for you both.

Whatever you come up with will be nice, buy why stop with just a box of golf tees? Try to custom build a gift for him which encompasses his favorite hobby or activity and is an all-inclusive gift. The tees are a great start. Add to that a new towel, a box of his favorite balls, a new golf glove, a visor and a new shirt, and you have a gift to meet his every golfing need.

For the coin collector, don’t stop with a set of coins, start with them. Include anew coin guide, a polishing cloth, coin cleaning solution, some cotton swabs a new set of plastic coin sleeves and a new display case and he will stay busy for hours. Your gift will allow him to work on something he loves and show it off.

NASCAR fans would love anew t-shirt of their favorite driver. Build onto that and you will make a fan’s race day even more fun. Think of adding a drink mug with gel-insulated walls, a hat, a few racing magazines, a license plate frame and a new popcorn bowl emblazoned with his driver’s number on it and you have built a race day set-up his friends will envy.

Readers are always inspired by new books. If he has a favorite author, try to find a collection of that writer’s works or simply purchase individual books by that writer to include in a reader’s package. If he is not partial to any one writer, a theme package of books on mysteries, the old west, or military history would keep him reading for quite some time. Include a special bookmark and a new journal with the gift.

Athletes and outdoorsmen would always appreciate items which enhance their time outdoors. Lightweight outdoor clothing, shoes specialized for certain activities, sunscreen, lip balms, sunglasses, compasses or GPS locators, multi-purpose tools or new granola snack blends are all very nice gifts on their own. Combine several items in one gift and you have met many of the needs of anyone who enjoys time outside.

If you plan on giving and all-inclusive gift, try to package the items well to maximize the impact. Baskets are a great way to display the gifts together. If you can find an items which relates to the theme of the gift and is large enough to easily hold the items you selected, all the better. Use a little creativity and have fun with it when coming up with gift ideas for Dad.

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