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What makes a good giftbasket? Well, that depends entirely on the purpose of your giving a gift basket. Is this a special occasion or is it a thank you gift? Is someone having a baby or buy their first home? Just about any occasion is right for a giftbasket. They are a welcome gift for any party or get together and can be filled with the most simple of items which, when put together, make an exciting gift to receive. If you want to build a great giftbasket you can answer those questions and be well on your way.

The occasion for the basket is important in deciding how to start building it. You’ll also want to take into consideration your relationship with the person or people to whom you will be giving the giftbasket. You obviously wouldn’t want to go overboard on a basket for a co-worker with whom you have no outside relationship, but you would want to be extremely generous to your best friend from high school and her new husband at their wedding shower.

Another area which is helpful when you are creating a giftbasket is to stick to a budget. Before you set out to shop for a basket, know what you are going to be able to spend and remain within that price range. That way when you give the giftbasket you will be happy in your giving as the recipient will be in their getting your gift.

Baby showers are a great time to give giftbaskets. New mommies need so much and so many things that a giftbasket would be the perfect gift. You could give one or two more expensive items and then fill in with everyday baby needs like lotions and baby wash, nail clippers and mittens, and pacifiers and brush sets.

For a wedding shower, the right giftbasket will have a similar idea as well. New brides who have never had their own place will likely need kitchen tools. You could start a wedding shower giftbasket with a hand mixer then fill it in with wire whisks, wooden spoons, nylon cooking utensils, cake testers, spatulas, scrapers and some measuring spoons.

You can apply that theory to any giftbasket you like. Choose a theme and stick with it when you begin to build your basket. Know your budget and its limitations before you start shopping. Include one or two larger gifts in the basket and then build around them with smaller items to achieve maximum effect. Have fun when you build a giftbasket and remember the basics and you’ll create a wonderful giftbasket.

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