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gifts for her

Gifts for her confuse many a man, with good reason. Women are complex, sort of. Ultimately, the best gift you can give a woman is one you put some thought into.

One of the reasons that lotion and bath item stores are so popular is that women do love those products. Men pick up on that and head there for just about any gift-giving occasion. There really isn’t a problem with this, especially if a man knows which scents a woman loves and chooses items from that line, except that if this is always on his list of gifts, it becomes a little predictable. Men do this because they want to give something their lady will use and appreciate and they think they can’t go wrong. You aren’t going wrong if these are normal gift items in your repertoire, but you might not be going far enough. Other women who choose to gift items like these need to remember that not every woman likes the same thing. Try to gear your selection to the lady you are gifting.

If you are looking to give a woman something a little more special, think about her before you set out shopping. Think of stores she likes, her personal style, her hobbies, and what she does to relax. Is the woman a go-getter who never slows down? If she is, think of things that will pamper her a bit and make things nicer for her. Maybe a new PDA isn’t in your budget, but what about a PDA cover in her favorite color or a set of matching covers for her cell phone and PDA? For the scrapbooking lady, think of the last time you and she had a blast together. Get a few items that relate to that time you spent together, some scrapbooking items like stickers and specialty papers, a disposable camera or a new memory stick to fit her digital camera and a handwritten invitation to do that activity again. That way you are giving her things she will use and enjoy, a chance to spend time with you and an opportunity to remember the day you made just for her. If the woman in question is a 9-to-5er, you could think about a cookbook which helps cooks create quick meals along with some good olive oil, some cooking accessories and a bottle of wine. Or, maybe we are talking about the ultimate soccer-mom who spends countless evenings at the ball field or recital hall. If so, then consider a new collapsible and very comfortable chair with a carrying bag, a warm wrap or throw, an insulated drink holder and a good book of her favorite genre.

Solving the equation of gift giving to women can be easy when you slow down and get original. The rules are to remember to whom you intend to give a gift, think of her and what she likes, and try to give an all-inclusive gift with a theme. Giving gifts for her can be rewarding for you.

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